Germany announces US retreat from Persian Gulf

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The US is losing ground to China in the oil- and gas-rich Persian Gulf. The corresponding statement was made by Junge Welt columnist Jörg Kronauer.

According to him, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Arab countries want to intensify their foreign policy. They are looking for new partners for cooperation after Washington decided to focus on confrontation with Beijing.

In turn, the Arab countries are much more concerned about the situation with Iran, their longtime adversary. For the sake of confronting Tehran, the Arab states are expanding their partnership with China.

Cronauer believes that unopposed US hegemony in the Persian Gulf is coming to an end.

This indicates a change in the balance of power on a historical scale.“, – said the journalist.

Earlier it was reported that the United States is losing its former influence on its key ally in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia. This was stated by columnist Aaron Miller in an article for Foreign Policy.

The author called this union a “monogamous marriage” and drew attention to the fact that it was breaking up. In his opinion, Saudi Arabia will take steps to rapprochement with Russia and China in the name of its own interests.



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