‘Extraordinary step’: Washington asks Kiev not to kill Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov, – NYT

The United States was aware of Valery Gerasimov’s plans to visit the occupying troops in Ukraine. According to journalists, the Americans were late in warning – the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on the general’s positions.

The United States tried to prevent the killing of Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov during his visit to the war zone in Ukraine. This is stated in the New York Times investigation into Russia’s all-out war in Ukraine.

The authors claim that the American authorities learned about Gerasimov’s plans to visit the invading troops, but withheld this information from the Ukrainian command.

The sources interviewed by the newspaper stated the reluctance of the US to kill General Gerasimov. The publication emphasizes that such a step can lead to a sharp military escalation, the Americans do not want to provoke a war between the States and the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian army, learning about the trip of Valery Gerasimov, put the Americans in a stalemate. Washington went to the extreme and demanded that the attack be called off.

“We told them not to do it. We told them word for word ‘Hey, that’s too much,'” said a senior official.

According to the NYT, this message came too late. The Ukrainian military told the Americans that the attack on the general’s positions had begun.

“As a result of the attack, dozens of Russians were killed, but Gerasimov was not one of them. After that, Russian military leaders reduced visits to the front,” the investigation concluded.

Recall that in May of this year, Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, wrote about the injury of Gerasimov after the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Izyum. Telegraph channels wrote about the death of the guard of the Russian General Staff.

Gerasimov’s arrival in the temporarily occupied parts of Ukraine was reported in early July. According to the RF Ministry of Defense, the general inspected the enemy troops and listened to the reports of the commanders.

British newspaper The Guardian wrote about the connection between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Gerasimov, referring to the Western military. Both are involved in tactical decision making.

Source: Focus


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