Sebastian Rulli traveled back in time and remembered what he looked like as a child

What a stir caused the Argentine actor Sebastian Rulli after sharing a tender photo of his early years in the company of one of his loved ones. What are we talking about? Read on to find out the details.

From his official Instagram account, the protagonist of “What Life Stole from Me” opened a chest of memories and posted an image that gave a lot of talk, because he showed him as he was rarely seen.

And that’s what the postcard depicts Sebastian Rulli, no older than 10 years old, very smiling, hugging his grandfather.. It should be noted that the memory shared by one of the actor’s fans showed that his look and friendly smile are qualities that have accompanied him since childhood.

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“My best Christmas memory,” wrote Sebastian Rulli on his Instagram Stories, the site where he resumed posting.

It should be noted that his fans soon joined this movement, bringing postcards from the actor’s childhood.. One of the most popular was a video in which a famous person was introduced from the first months of his life and went through his transformation to the present day.

Among the messages that reigned under the publication, “Beautiful and charming”, “Very beautiful little angel”, “How gentle”, “So always the king” and “The whole prince” are some of the responses that are read on the net.

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