US Senate approves $1.7 trillion federal budget proposal

Photo: © REUTERS/Ken Cedeno

The U.S. Senate approved a $1.7 trillion federal budget for fiscal year 2023 on Thursday. Senators adopted this document by a majority vote.

Now this bill will go to the House of Representatives for consideration, RIA Novosti reports.

In particular, the document provides for the allocation of $858 billion for US defense needs and $45 billion for financial assistance to Ukraine.

It is expected that the procedure for adopting the budget will be completed by Friday evening.

At the same time, a significant number of Republicans in the House of Representatives, including their leader Kevin McCarthy, expressed disagreement with the text of the document. They propose to pass another bill that extends the work of the government for a short period. The fact is that the new composition of the House of Representatives will begin work only on January 3, and the Republicans will have a majority in it.

Recall, on December 21, Zelensky arrived at the White House for a meeting with American leader Joe Biden. The American leader said that the United States intends to do everything in its power to ensure that the President of Ukraine succeeds.

Western media believe that “comedian Zelensky“managed to show the show – those present applauded and laughed out loud when the guest from Kyiv spoke.

At the same time, American journalists emphasize that the President of Ukraine failed to move forward on the supply of “serious” weapons. So far, the maximum is the battery of the Patriot air defense system, which Washington provided to Kyiv as part of the next aid package.



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