Today’s horoscope for Aquarius for December 28, 2022.


(20.01 – 18.02)

I recommend that you manage your money in a drop account. Spend the bare minimum and don’t carry a lot of money in your pocket to avoid temptations. This is not the right time to risk your wealth in gambling or indulge in excessive luxury.



Love horoscope for Aquarius

Do something romantic that will strengthen your love and the trust you share with your partner. If you are single, you are in demand in society, you are open to communication, you easily charm others with your ability to win and have no problems with dating, you get recognition without much effort.



Money horoscope for Aquarius

This is the best time to go out and have a good time. Buy yourself something nice, but don’t spend it all on one thing, but invest your money wisely. Other people are honest with you, so feel free to listen to their advice. Whether you’re buying something small or investing in something big, you can’t lose even if you spend more than usual.



Sex Horoscope for Aquarius

For you, the relationship should be full of hugs and sighs full of love. Since you feel secure in your relationship, you might want to try something a little more daring. For example, have your significant other cover your eyes with a soft silk handkerchief, and then let her take control. Maybe it’s as good as it gets.

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