Lula: lapidary phrases against Bolsonaro in his inaugural speech as President of Brazil

The speech lasted 31 minutes, but its effects will last much longer.

The new President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, spoke at the inauguration, which took place in Congress, about democracy, hungerdeforestation, but he also devoted most of that 31 minutes to criticizing the situation in which his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro, left the country.

Lula described Bolsonaro’s government as a “project of national destruction” in the Congress, where the supporters of the former president are in the majority (Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party has the largest bench: 99 out of 513 seats).

The leader of the Workers’ Party said that he a a country in “horrible ruin“ with the situation of socio-economic “catastrophe”. He added that the diagnosis he received from those in charge of the transition under the previous government was “frightening.”

“There has been a destruction of the state in the name of supposed individual freedoms.“He talked about what happened during the Bolsonaro years.

“They have devastated resources dedicated to health. They dismantled education, culture, science and technology. They destroyed the environmental protection. They left no money for school meals, vaccinations, public safety, forest protection, social assistance,” he added.

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The crowd accompanied the inauguration of the new president.

The new president, who will rule for a third four-year term after being in power from 2003 to 2010, said that Bolsonaro and his officials “they squandered state companies and state banks” and “surrendered the national treasure”.

“The resources of the country have been plundered to satisfy the greed of rentiers and private shareholders of state-owned companies,” he accused.

Bolsonaro did not attend for Lula’s inauguration. Instead, he had traveled to the United States a few hours earlier.

His successor insisted that his government would not be “revanchist”, but assured that “those who made mistakes will be held accountable for their mistakes”.

Other topics

In his speech, where he said that democracy was the “big winner” of the election, Lula took the opportunity to analyze other problems that plague Brazil, such as poverty, violence and deforestation in the Amazon.

“Our first actions are aimed at saving 33 million Brazilians from hunger and lift over 100 million Brazilians out of poverty,” the president said.

Regarding insecurity in the country, he promised to repeal criminal decrees that increase access to weapons and ammunition.

“Brazil doesn’t want more weapons; he wants peace and security for his people,” he said.

Dormition of Lula

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With regard to environmental policy, the President promised to achieve the goal “zero deforestation” in the Amazon and halting greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

“Brazil does not need to clear forests to maintain and expand its strategic agricultural frontiers,” Lula said.

Finally, he insisted that he would not allow attacks on indigenous peoples or on nature.

“We will not tolerate child abuse, deforestation and environmental degradation that have already caused so much damage to the country,” he said.

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Author: BBC news world
Source: La Opinion


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