“Unusual features”: More than 500 cases of UFO detection in the United States are under investigation (video)

About 200 unidentified flying objects detected by the Americans are reported to have no supernatural or unusual origin.

The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the Pentagon is currently investigating 510 UFO sightings. This is significantly more than the 144 events mentioned in the report in 2021. The Washington Post writes about it.

The publication writes that the All Profile Office for Anomaly Studies, created last summer, has analyzed many cases of UFO fixation collected as part of a new government initiative. More than 170 cases were uncharacterized during the audit. UFOs discovered during such events had unusual flight characteristics. Experts are trying to determine the functioning of objects.

Numerous government checks reportedly found no evidence of extraterrestrial origin for the UFOs, as well as other objects seen in the ocean.

The material says the Pentagon feared that UFOs could be dangerous to military and civil aviation flights. In addition, such objects can collect information about US military bases. It is assumed that UFOs may actually be drones created by China or Russia by technology unknown to the Americans.

Journalists write that most of the new reports come from US Navy and Air Force aviators and operators who witnessed UFO activities while on duty. Investigators discovered that many of these reports “lack of detail” to say with certainty what the staff saw.

According to ABC News, two of the three videos that were declassified by the Pentagon in 2020 and recorded from sensors on the fighter jet now have plausible explanations. For example, in the “Go Fast” video, Navy pilots can be heard talking about an object moving very fast over the water. Experts’ assessment is that what pilots see on video screens is actually an optical illusion.

The video was reportedly shot by the crew of the fighter jet in 2015.

Previously Focus He wrote that residents of several US states simultaneously witnessed a rare weather phenomenon called “pillars of light.” The rare weather conditions created an unusual optical illusion, as if dozens of UFOs were hovering over the city.

Source: Focus


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