“It cannot be otherwise”: Putin will have to act under pressure from Prigozhin – Grozev

According to researcher Khristo Grozev, a new conflict is brewing in the Kremlin between the President of the Russian Federation and the owner of the Wagner Group. Disagreements over Soledar are just one part of the internal strife.

Now in the Kremlin a new and serious conflict is emerging between Russian President Vladimir Putin and businessman and head of the Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin. Journalist and head of the Bellingcat research project, Hristo Grozev, spoke about this in an interview with Glavkom published on January 19.

“I believe that a new conflict has arisen before our eyes in the Kremlin. This time between Putin and Prigozhin,” Grozev said.

According to him, the removal of Sergei Surovikin from the command of the Joint Group of Russian Forces in Ukraine is only the first stage of this process.

The researcher is confident that the head of the Kremlin will have to act under the ever-increasing pressure from Prigozhin, behind whom there are thousands of loyal mercenaries.

“It cannot be otherwise, if more than 20,000 armed bandits behind Prigozhin see their leader almost better than the Russian guarantor himself,” the journalist emphasizes.

According to Grozev, the ambitions of a businessman who dreams of getting a share of his real power can be seen even today. For this, he will demand that the President of Russia remove people who stand in his way.

According to the researcher, earlier Putin tried to appease Prigozhin, giving him the opportunity to create something like another political force loyal to the Kremlin. But this was not enough for the businessman.

“Through the same prism, it is also necessary to consider what happened recently when the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to abruptly withdraw from the previously announced victory of Soledar. Although earlier the Russian military leadership said that this “victory” belongs only to them. And to no one else, ”explains the journalist.

At the same time, Prigozhin tried in various ways to prove that the promotion of the Russians was only an achievement of the “Wagnerians”.

Today, a businessman can no longer back down because he is also dependent on his mercenaries, who expect concrete actions from him. As a result, he will continue to attack Putin, trying to gain more power in the Russian Federation.

Recall, Hristo Grozev also said that Vladimir Putin was seriously considering a nuclear attack on Poland. According to the researcher, the head of the Kremlin would not want to resort to this last argument in the war with Ukraine, because from now on it would be illogical to use the narrative of helping “brotherly people”.

Source: Focus


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