Germany’s new Defense Minister Pistorius to visit Ukraine soon – Media

According to Pistorius, Germany is communicating with its partners on the supply of tanks. First of all, the dialogue is with the USA. The minister himself may visit Ukraine in the coming weeks.

The new Defense Minister of Germany, Boris Pistorius, will arrive in Ukraine. He told reporters about this issue of Bild.

“What is certain is that I will be going to Ukraine soon. Maybe even in the next four weeks,” he said.

According to the minister, his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov is a man who knows what he wants. It should be noted that the politicians met at the Ramstein airbase during the summit.

Pistorius also talked about the possible supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. He noted that at the moment Germany is discussing this with international partners and above all with the United States. He instructed his assistants to prepare “everything necessary” so as not to waste time if “the worst” should happen. The minister, however, did not elaborate on what was at stake.

Also during the meeting, Pistorius stated that he would establish the strongest army of the European Union.

“Germany is the largest economy in Europe, so our goal should also be to create the strongest and most equipped army in the EU. But this cannot be done in three years, it will take a few more years. Now my job is to make maps. The road to success is one acre. He’s going to the point,” he said.

Recall that a new Minister of Defense took office in Germany. Boris Pistorius emphasized that although Germany is not a party to the Russia-Ukraine war, the Bundeswehr will continue to support Ukraine in its struggle for independence.

It was also reported that the GUR said that Western partners will give Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks, since the decision to win has been made. Negotiations are ongoing about how public the handover of new weapons should be.

same Focus Ed Arnold of the Royal United Services Institute wrote that the delay in the supply of tanks would tarnish Germany’s reputation for decades. He is confident that if the Russian offensive is successful or the Ukrainian attack fails, it will be very difficult for Berlin to convince the allies that it was Germany’s fault.

Source: Focus


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