Gerasimov dismisses key general, division in the Russian Armed Forces intensifies – British intelligence (photo)

According to intelligence officials, the Chief of Staff of the Russian army is trying to impose his personal authority, which caused anger among fighters and senior officers.

The division under the command of the RF Armed Forces is intensifying, so Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky was removed from the post of operational commander of the Russian troops in Ukraine. In its report dated January 24, informs Military intelligence of the British Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry believes that the division under the command of the RF Armed Forces is only intensifying.

According to intelligence officials, disputes began to arise after Valery Gerasimov was appointed to the post of Commander of the Russian Joint Forces Group in Ukraine. The Chief of the General Staff is trying to impose his personal authority during the Ukrainian operation, and this causes indignation not only of ordinary fighters, but also of senior officers.

In this context, intelligence officers referred to the dismissal of Mikhail Teplinsky, the operational commander of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, who was seen as a capable and pragmatic commander in Russia. In particular, the colonel general was responsible for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson after the successful counterattack of the Ukrainian army.

“It remains unclear whether Teplinsky retained additional powers as Commander of the Russian Air Force. There is a real possibility that the discussion about the duties assigned to the Air Force contributed to his dismissal. Air Force units were often used to hold land missions traditionally assigned to mechanized infantry.” , scouts state in their reports.

The day before, on January 23, the military intelligence of the British Ministry of Defense reported that after the appointment of Valery Gerasimov, the soldiers were trying to “restrict” Russian soldiers by prohibiting them from wearing beards, using smartphones and traveling in civilian transport.

A few days ago, Ukrainian military intelligence also reported the conflict under the command of the RF Armed Forces. According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Valery Gerasimov is trying to neutralize the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose authority has increased significantly after the offensive operation in the Bakhmut direction.

Source: Focus


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