Belarus creates defensive “dragon teeth” for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – inspectors (photo)

According to unofficial data, six Belarusian companies are in production, capable of producing tens of thousands of defensive structures designed to deter a tank attack.

Belarusian companies are involved in the creation of “dragon’s teeth” anti-tank facilities, which are installed in the border regions of the Russian Federation and the occupied territories of Ukraine against the background of a possible counterattack of the Ukrainian army. The OSINT community “Belarus Gayun” provides information on this.

Last week, activists reported that they had been breeding “dragon teeth” in Gomel for over a month. The ensemble assumed that there were several factories for their creation for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, so large-volume production should not be expected.

But now there is new information about the large-scale production of “dragon’s teeth”, which includes at least 6 Belarusian enterprises:

  • JSC “Gomelzhelezobeton”;
  • LLC “Gomel Graal”;
  • OJSC “Chausky Concrete Plant”;
  • Vitebsk OJSC “Krichevcementnoshifer” SZhB No. 3;
  • LLC “Lotos”;
  • OAO “Mozyr House-Construction Plant” Khoiniki Concrete Batching Plant Branch.

They produce between 20 and 30 thousand units only in the factories located in the Gomel region.

Reinforced concrete “dragon teeth” has the shape of a tetrahedron and is made of concrete grade M400 or M550 (class B40), a special grade with high technical characteristics for strength and durability.

The structures are delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation by trucks with Belarusian and Russian numbers from two border gates.

OSINT investigators suggest that anti-tank “dragon teeth” could be stored in the village of Voronok in the Bryansk region, and then delivered to areas on the Ukrainian border to strengthen the defense lines. Activists do not exclude that other Belarusian enterprises may also be involved in the production of structures.

The length of a product is 130 cm, and its weight is 1200 kg. Thanks to these dimensions, at least 15-20 “teeth” can be transported in a truck.

It should be noted that in October 2022, information began to appear in the media about the installation of the “dragon tooth” near the border with Ukraine. So, in the Belgorod region, which, according to the authorities of the offensive country, is allegedly under frequent fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, anti-tank facilities were equipped.

The invaders began to build similar anti-tank structures in the occupied part of the Luhansk region in October 2022. The defensive line equipped with the “dragon’s tooth” was equipped in the area of ​​​​the village of Gorskoye, located 20 kilometers from the front line.

Source: Focus


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