“Izvestia” showed how the D-30 howitzer clears the way for the infantry of the RF Armed Forces

Correspondent “Izvestia” Denis Kulaga personally saw how the D-30 howitzer crews fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, helping the Russian infantry move forward in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

The gun hits in the direction of the village of Torskoye. Here is an important note, if just a week ago these calculations simply blocked the way for counterattacks from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, now, on the contrary, they clear the way for our infantry“, – shows Kulaga from the scene.

Attacks are delivered very quickly. This is done in order to prevent the Ukrainian infantry from coming to its senses. In the forest, you can hear how artillery pieces work. film crew “Izvestia” captured what the assault looks like in this area.

During the work, our group was under the gunpoint of the UAV drone. But the military continues to work, because our fighters are working a few kilometers away, who need fire support to advance.

Despite the fact that we may still be under the guns of an enemy drone, the crews are at the guns! Those who are not involved are in hiding. These guys are in action! After all, there, a few kilometers away, they are very much waiting for our fire support.“, – said Kulaga.

Previously “News” showed how the Russian army in the LPR is fighting fierce battles for Belogorovka and Disputed – important areas on the way to the liberation of the entire Donbass.

Source: Ren.tv


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