Business at the end of the world: the most unusual bunkers and luxury arks

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Location at least four meters from the surface. Walls more than a meter thick, locks, ventilation, a warehouse, a bathroom and a first-aid post. Plus one living room for all – one for all. These are the standard requirements for a nuclear explosion protection bunker.

Meanwhile, the media write that a luxury bunker is being sold in Georgia. Six studios, a cinema hall, an armory, a dining room, rooms for classes and games. The price is 17 and a half million dollars. Sounds impressive. But is it necessary to survive the apocalypse? Talks about it program “Science and Technology” with Mikhail Borzenkov on REN TV.

Supercomputer prediction about the end of the world

The end of civilization is near. Supercomputer “Word One” (World One) predicted the death of mankind by 2050. This machine was developed to analyze global problems. Its algorithms have calculated that in the next 20 years, environmental pollution will become so strong and toxic that it will start killing people.

Many have already begun to prepare for the apocalypse. Demand for bunkers has grown by a thousand percent in six months.

Second ark – underground village

Canadian electrician Bruce Beach was so carried away by the idea of ​​saving mankind that he quit his job and began building a second ark. So he called the underground village – for himself and his neighbors. The main building material is old school buses. Their metal frames proved to be excellent load-bearing structures for a dugout. The enthusiast dug a foundation pit and filled them with a thick layer of concrete.

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“I’ve positioned the buses to create a complete underground facility where you can wait out any threat that occurs on the surface. We have seven separate entrances with decontamination showers. Inside residential areas, chapel, hospital, mortuary. And a prison for those who will violate the rules of residence, ” – said electrical engineer Bruce Beach.

At first glance, a homemade bunker seems reliable. But will he save from the end of the world?

“You need to look at what protective and hermetic doors are there, you need to look at what kind of filtering and ventilation equipment is there. First you need to understand what a person wanted to protect himself from in general. It is quite possible that he just wanted some beautiful wine cellar, a little reinforced and designed, for example, for explosion”, – commented the scientific director of the Museum of Modern Fortification Dmitry Yurkov.

A Southern California company is offering a turnkey bunker. A huge, huge pipe is buried to a depth of six meters. A technical module is installed nearby. With electric generator and air purification system. At the entrance to the shelter is a decontamination compartment. Inside there are water tanks, bunk beds, a kitchen and a toilet.

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“Due to the very cramped conditions and other restrictions inside, it will not be possible to live in such a bunker for a long time. But it will allow you to wait out the peak of the disaster underground for a day or two. If the consequences of the emergency can be quickly eliminated, then the bunker will be able to save the lives of family members,” Simon Whistler, an observer of the discoveries of mankind, explained.

Luxurious US Congress Bunker with TV Studio Café

You need to go underground seriously and for a long time. In the US, this was understood during the previous bunker boom during the Cold War. While ordinary Americans were acquiring concrete bags in their backyards, luxury shelters were being built for the government.

The bunker in West Virginia was built in 1962 to evacuate the US Congress in the event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The shelter was equipped under the fashionable Greenbriar Hotel. In terms of luxury, the underground part is not inferior to the ground. 53 rooms with private shower, toilet and small living room. Hospital, cafe, conference rooms and TV studio. 60 people are able to hold out here for about two months without leaving the surface.

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“The project cost $14 million. There are four entrances. 25-ton airtight doors and decontamination chambers. Three tanks to store 25,000 gallons of water, a purification plant. And three 14,000-liter tanks to store diesel fuel,” journalist Andrew Smith said.

But only the elite will be able to sit in such a bunker. To save millions, you need to build an underground city. Will he be able to save himself from the end of the world?

The largest bunker in the world

A giant shelter codenamed “Project 816” in Chongqing, China is today the largest bunker in the world. Its area is more than one hundred thousand square meters. The shelter was equipped in a mountain at a depth of four hundred meters. It consists of 9 levels. And it is a system of 18 caves connected by passages and roads on which cars can drive.

“The work began in 1966. It took 60,000 people to do it. They even started building a plant for the production of nuclear weapons underground. But they did not have time to finish it. After 17 years, the project was frozen due to the changed international situation,” commented columnist Jian Shi.

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Most of the work has been completed. So the bunker can be used for its intended purpose. This will protect not only from poisoned air. The shelter will be able to withstand a close detonation of a nuclear warhead with a yield of up to one megaton or an earthquake of magnitude 8.

“A seismic blast wave is the most destructive thing that can ever be for underground shelters. You have to dig very deep: we are talking about many tens, rather even about a hundred or two hundred meters,” – Dmitry Yurkov, scientific director of the Museum of Modern Fortification, shared information.

Secret underground skyscraper for the American elite

One of the most high-tech bunkers is located in the US state of Kansas. The exact location is classified. This is the most secret hideout in the US. Here the American elite plans to save themselves if the world ends. It’s not even a bunker – an underground skyscraper. Reaching 60 meters deep. It was equipped in a Cold War missile silo. It was bought by millionaire Larry Hall in 2008. And converted into a shelter.

“Each of these armored doors weighs 8 tons. The walls and shafts are made of epoxy hardened concrete. They can withstand a direct hit from a nuclear bomb.” – said the owner of the bunker Larry Hall.

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The air in the underground tower is purified using a complex system of filters. Drinking water, which comes from an artesian well, also goes through several stages of purification. Energy is generated by autonomous diesel generators. Shops, a hospital, a school and a cinema are equipped on 15 underground floors. Also, there is a zoo and a swimming pool. To prevent people from going crazy from a long stay underground, they even made windows – they are imitated by plasma screens.

“There is Internet here. Of course, real Wi-Fi in such a building is quite difficult, so we created our own search engine. And uploaded all the pages that might be of interest to the user by keywords”, – said the owner of the bunker Larry Hall.

There is enough food in the Kansas bunker for 5 years. But, even when they run out, starvation does not threaten survivalists. The underground tower has containers for growing fish and hydroponics for organic vegetables. You can live in complete safety in a Kansas bunker for years. But is it necessary?

“Even in the most difficult scenario, in a day, two, three, you will be completely calm and able to walk on the surface in a light respirator without any health risk. That is, bunkers are not needed for a long stay, so some comfortable conditions in underground protective structures they are not required” – says expert Yurkov.

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The smallest apartment in the elite underground complex will cost 90 million rubles with our money. And only 70 people can accommodate the fancy bunker.

bunker village

The program also showed a really massive bunker. More specifically, a bunker village in North Dakota. Up to 10,000 people can escape the apocalypse here. An extensive network of shelters was equipped on the territory of a former military base. Previously, ammunition was stored in these concrete dugouts.

“People choose their finishes. They decide which air filtration system to put in. nuclear, biological or chemical. And what energy to use solar, wind or diesel generators, – said the head of the company for the construction of bunkers Robert Vicino.

Such a do-it-yourself bunker will protect against cataclysms, and will be relatively inexpensive. You will have to pay an amount equivalent to one and a half million rubles. But this is for a shelter in which up to 30 people can hide. It turns out that from each prepper – 50 thousand.

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But is it worth believing in the end of the world?

But do not rush to draw up a contract of sale. The end of the world is delayed. The supercomputer, the news about which was recently replicated by all the world’s media, was made back in the 70s. He issued his apocalyptic forecast 50 years ago.

And the machine predicted that humanity would face an insoluble crisis. And it won’t die at all. This was announced at the University of Massachusetts, which houses a rare supercomputer.

About the most incredible achievements of progress, the discoveries of scientists, innovations that can change the future of mankind, see the program “Science and Technology” with host Mikhail Borzenkov on REN TV.



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