Top US general warns war with China is possible

The Air Force four-star general warned on Friday of the possibility of conflict with China as early as 2025 – most likely over Taiwan – and urged his commanders to get their units as operational as possible this year.

In an internal memo, first posted on social media on Friday and later confirmed by the Pentagon as genuine, Air Mobility Command chief Gen. Mike Minihan said the primary goal should be to contain “and, if necessary, defeat” China.

“I hope I am wrong. My intuition tells me that we will fight in 2025,” Minihan said.

Minihan explained that Taiwan’s presidential election next year would give Chinese President Xi Jinping an excuse for military aggression while the United States would be distracted by its own race for the White House.

“The Xi team, his motives and capabilities will coincide in 2025,” he added.

The memo also called for all Mobile Command personnel to go to the firing range, “magazine fire” at the target, and “head aim”.

military training

By email, a Pentagon spokesman responded to an AFP request for comment on the memo: “Yes, it’s a fact that he sent it.”

In recent months, senior US officials have said China appears to be rushing to take control of Taiwan, the self-governing democracy Beijing claims as its own.

Last August, China held a major military exercise that was seen as a rehearsal for an invasion following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s defiant solidarity visit to Taipei.

The United States switched recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but it sells arms to Taiwan to protect itself.

A growing number of US lawmakers are calling for more aid, including sending military aid directly to Taiwan, noting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine requires advance preparation.

Author: german wave
Source: La Opinion


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