Streets flooded: seas overflowed due to severe earthquakes in Turkey (video)

It has heavily flooded the Turkish district of Iskenderun, and it does not leave the boulevards and streets, even after the 2nd day after the tremors. As a result, homes and businesses had to be evacuated.

After the severe earthquakes in Turkey, the sea overflowed in the Iskenderun region. As a result, streets and avenues flooded, people had to evacuate from buildings in the area. This was announced by the Turkish television channel NTV on Wednesday, February 8th.

Boulevards, avenues and streets were flooded due to rising water levels, banks and other businesses were evacuated. Although 2 days have passed since the earthquake, water has not been withdrawn from the area. Authorities evacuated coastal homes amid both the risk of repeated shaking and the threat of further flooding.

Iskenderun district administration warned the residents not to enter damaged houses in case of problems that may arise due to sea leakage in the coastal area. The publication said that after the disaster, people tried to stay in parks and covered street markets.

Recall, on February 8, the national company Energoatom reported that seismic monitoring systems at the Khmelnitsky and Southern Ukraine nuclear power plants recorded tremors associated with large-scale earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6.

We also wrote that the first rescue group of the Ukraine State Emergency Service came to Turkey to help after the earthquake.

Source: Focus


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