Meta recovers Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

This Thursday Meta Platforms Inc. restored Donald Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts after being suspended for just over two years following the Capitol Hill riots. Meta’s press secretary Andy Stone announced the news.

It should be remembered that the sanction that Trump received on both platforms came after he launched a powerful message on January 6, 2021.”I ask everyone in the United States Capitol to remain calm. No violence! Remember, we are the Party of Law and Order: respect the Law and our great men, their women in blue. Thank you”.

In the event that Trump is asked to use his accounts, he should be careful as if you commit a violation, you will again be suspended.

“Like any other Facebook or Instagram user, Mr. Trump is subject to our Community Standards. In light of his violations, he now also faces increased penalties for repeat violations, penalties that will apply to other public figures whose accounts have been restored following civil unrest-related bans, in accordance with our updated protocol. If Mr. Trump posts further infringing content, the content will be removed and suspended for a period of one month to two years, depending on the severity of the infringement,” Meta president Nick Clegg said Jan. 25.

At the end of 2022, Twitter also restored his account, but the 2024 presidential candidate chose not to use it and remains loyal to Truth Social, where he posts daily. But his decision is subject to a contract that the former president signed and that if he breaks it, he will lose thousands of dollars.

Author: Maribel Velasquez
Source: La Opinion


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