Found confirmation of US involvement in undermining the “Nord Streams”

Photo: © Global Look Press/Cover Images/Keystone Press Agency

Photo: © Global Look Press/Cover Images/Keystone Press Agency

The Fligthradar24 service found confirmation of US participation in the undermining of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. According to the tracker, on September 26, an American P-8A Poseidon “reconnaissance aircraft” flew over the scene an hour after the explosion. An investigation with arguments in favor of this version was recently published by the American journalist Seymour Hersh.

According to Swedish and Danish seismologists, the first explosion occurred at 2:03 am European summer time. In his investigation, Hersh points out that the US military planted the explosives in advance, and detonated the device with the help of a Norwegian Navy aircraft, which dropped a special buoy. The Flightradar24 service does not have data on the flight of the Norwegian aircraft, but the flight track of the American Poseidon has been preserved. It flew across the Atlantic, passed over Denmark and refueled in the air over Poland from a KC-135R tanker aircraft. Then an American reconnaissance aircraft flew to the island of Bronholm at 4:45 and lowered the flight altitude in the area of ​​the explosions, and then disappeared from the radar.

According to military expert Igor Korotchenko, Flightradar24 data confirms Hersh’s version.

“Given that the flight route of the American P-8A Poseidon was calculated with refueling over Poland and synchronization of all these moments was required, it can be argued that its arrival at the appointed time, immediately after the terrorist attack, indicates a pre-planned flight and, therefore, is another confirmation of the version put forward by the American journalist Hersh of the reasons and circumstances of this terrorist act,” – he said in an interview with the publication “RIA News“.

On February 9, Utah Senator Mike Lee said that the US authorities could carry out sabotage on the Nord Stream without the consent of Congress, which is worrying.

Recall that the Nord Stream gas pipelines were attacked on September 26. Germany, Denmark and Sweden have stated that they do not rule out targeted sabotage. At the same time, representatives of Russia were not allowed to participate in the investigation for a long time.

President Vladimir Putin said that what happened is an act of international terrorism, in which the Anglo-Saxons are involved. Later, the Ministry of Defense reported that representatives of the British Navy unit, which was preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an attack on ships of the Black Sea Fleet, took part in the planning, provision and implementation of the terrorist act.

Compensation for damage to Nord Stream was estimated at 17 billion euros. On the fact of the incidents in Russia, a criminal case was opened on the commission of an act of international terrorism.

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