$3.7 million in cash from Genaro Garcia Luna, which prosecutors were unable to show in court.

One of Judge Brian Cogan’s most controversial decisions in the trial Genaro Garcia Luna this is the fortune he made after 2012, although prosecutors have attempted to link some of that fortune to actions that took place prior to that year.

In particular, prosecutors sought set aside a payment of nearly $3.7 million that Garcia Luna would pay cash for real estate in Miami, Florida.

The prosecutor’s office already mentioned this amount in the list evidence found on a computer and other electronic devices former Minister of Public Security of Mexico during Felipe Calderón’s administration.

Another document, due to be released after a tense legal battle by The New York Times, lists $3.7 million in documented existence.

“Financial documents relating to one of the defendant’s shell companies showing that, approximately one year before his arrest, he paid over $3.7 million in cash for real estate in Miami, Florida.to which he was still related at the time of his arrest, ”one of the documents states.

The defendant’s defense, led by lawyer Cesar de Castro, managed to convince Judge Cogan before the evidence days began that Judge Cogan had blocked prosecutors from dealing with transactions after 2012, given that Garcia Luna was no longer part of the Mexican federal government.

It should be recalled that the former official was the director of the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) under the government Vincent Fox; and Minister of Public Security in Administration Felipe Calderon.

Allegations of federal government leadership of a criminal organization in the interests of drug trafficking and allegations of conspiracy to traffic cocaine cover the period from 2001 to 2012.

Author: Jesus Garcia
Source: La Opinion


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