Dollar price: how much today February 14 in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Venezuela

The stock market this Tuesday starts the day, reacting to the publication of data on inflation in the US. In Mexico, the dollar starts the day lower against the local currency, the Mexican peso, which hit a new low since August 2018. However, by mid-morning the dollar strengthened again on the Mexican market.

Price The green note against the Mexican peso today, at the time of this writing, is 18.56 pesos per dollar, and after a couple of hours the trend changed to green. In a bank window, the average price of a dollar in Mexico is 18.52 pesos per unit when bought, and when sold, the exchange rate is 18.55 pesos per unit of dollar.

In Honduras, the dollar maintains its positive momentum and has a standard value against the local currency, the lempira. The average daily price is 24.65 lempira per green ticket unit; and for buying and selling, the high and low are between 24.50 and 24.80 lempira per dollar, respectively.

IN Nicaragua, the US currency maintains an average price of 36.54 cordoba per unit of green notes., and with a constant uptrend. For buying and selling, the price remains at the same average level between 36.08 cordobas and 37.00 cordobas per dollar, respectively.

In Costa Rica, the US currency continues its upward trend. Today, the green note is trading against the Costa Rican colón at $570.38 per unit.. With an average purchase and sale, the green ticket fluctuates between 567.70 per purchase and 573.75 colones per dollar, respectively.

He The dollar in the Dominican Republic maintains a positive average value against the local peso, but the increase is insignificant.. Today the green ticket is trading at 56.21 DOP per unit. On average, the purchase and sale of a green ticket in the banking system of the Dominican Republic today ranges from 55.98 pesos to 56.45 pesos per dollar.

In the Venezuelan market, the dollar continues to strengthen against the local currency, the bolivar. At the barrier of 24 bolivars per dollar today, the average price starts the day at $24.22 per dollar, slightly higher compared to yesterday. And the price of the day is on average from 24.19 to 24.25 bolivars for a green ticket when buying and selling, respectively.

The price of the dollar changes during the day of the exchange. You can follow the real-time exchange rate of the US dollar against some emerging currencies, and its trends according to international markers and some banks:
Mexico real-time exchange rate
Honduras real-time exchange rate
Nicaragua real-time dollar value
Costa Rica real-time dollar value
Dominican Republic real-time exchange rate
Venezuela real-time dollar value

If you’re sending money, you can also monitor the dollar before sending money. Author: Alexa lying down
Source: La Opinion


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