Zelensky to open online meeting of G7 leaders

Photo: © Global Look Press/Pool/Ukrainian Presidentia

Photo: © Global Look Press/Pool/Ukrainian Presidentia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will participate in the opening of the online meeting of the leaders of the G7 countries. Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, told reporters about this.

According to the Japanese politician, the Ukrainian issue will take center stage on the negotiating agenda.

“It is planned that the President of Ukraine Zelensky will take part at the beginning of the meeting”– quote Matsuno “Izvestia”.

Negotiations will take place on February 24.

Recall that Japan will chair the G7 in 2023. The main summit will take place in the summer. The possible participation of Zelensky in it was previously reported by the Japanese media.

According to the press, Tokyo is trying to create conditions for intensive discussions of the Ukrainian conflict. Zelensky supposedly should tell the leaders of the “Seven” about the current situation. It is assumed that the coordination of actions on Ukraine will be an important part of Japan’s preparations for a possible conflict over Taiwan.

Source: Ren


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