“I’ve never seen this before”: a married couple in the USA found a giant shark’s tooth (photo)

A woman made a strange discovery when she found a giant tooth belonging to a six-foot white shark on the beach.

While on a beach in North Carolina, USA, Leah McLamb and her husband, Josh, spotted a huge fossilized tooth believed to belong to a great white shark. Reported by The Mirror.

The young couple drove for three hours to hunt shark teeth, their favorite hobby.

The couple was lucky – they found a “giant” fossilized tooth, which supposedly belonged to a great white shark about 6 meters long.

The unique photos show the tooth being almost as big as Leah’s palm and looking sharp from the edge.

“None of us had ever seen such big teeth. We started looking as soon as we got to the beach around 11:00 PM. It was cold outside so we put on our overalls, masks, boots and coats. About an hour later, while we were hunting, we were walking side by side with flashlights and at the same time they saw a giant white tooth. My husband was faster and fell down to grab him,” says Leah.

The couple are avid shark tooth hunters and even went looking for them on their honeymoon. The girl also said that they started shark tooth hunting as a child and now they do it together.

remember before Focus He wrote that the giant teeth of an extinct shark were found in the USA. Fossil hunter Jonathan Valentine said he found several large teeth of the megalodon, the largest extinct shark in the US state of North Carolina. The length of one tooth is 15 cm, and the length of the other is 14.

It was also reported in Mexico that a white shark attacked a diver and bit his head off. A 50-year-old shellfish diver was the victim of a rare white shark attack that resulted in the shark biting its head. Scientists are intrigued by the unusual nature of this attack, because not only do sharks rarely bite humans, but decapitation cases are even rarer.

Source: Focus


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