In Moscow, dozens of young people from PMC Redan, who organized mass fights, were detained (video)

The teenagers claim that they are not related to the military company and that the style is adapted from the popular anime.

In Moscow, the Russian police are mass detaining young people from the new group “PMC Redan”. Details reported by Baza Telegram channel.

“PMC Redan” vs “CB not mit”

Law enforcement detains teenagers after fights involving followers of a youth subculture called PMC Redan at Aviapark and Marcos Mall shopping malls. Attributes were images of a spider number “4”, as well as long hair. The media reported that the police were ordered to detain anyone bearing such signs.

The PMC Redan movement has its roots in the Japanese anime Hunter x Hunter, in which the criminal organization Genea Redan, also called Spider or Phantom Troupe, operates. Its symbol is a spider with the number “4”. Representatives of the subculture call themselves unofficial, they oppose football fans, immigrants and people of the Caucasus. They say that they do not associate themselves with a private military company, they are simply called “joke”.

According to Baza, on February 19, an argument broke out between PMC Redan and other youths in the Aviapark dining room, allegedly over chairs. According to the Moscow Online website, the second group is called “mit not tsb” – they claim to do “anti-propaganda”, but in fact prevent young people from gathering on Tsvetochny Boulevard and Kitai-gorod.

Security failed: police intervened

A conflict broke out, and then the parties to the conflict held a new meeting. The next day, hundreds of people gathered in Aviapark organized a mass brawl. The police began to disperse the clash, but on the evening of February 24, law enforcement detained 30 people in the mall. This did not stop the young people, and they have already agreed to meet in Marcos Mall. There was another major brawl, resulting in law enforcement arresting about 20 more, most of them 15-year-old schoolchildren.

According to Moscow Online, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander, instructed to look at what happened. The press release states that the security of shopping malls does not react to mass conflicts and does not try to stop them. Now the police are on duty in the subway and inside the shopping malls.

Earlier it was learned that in Russia they created a new PMC called “Yastreb”. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the FSB and the Russian Ministry of Defense are trying to reduce the popularity of the Wagner PMC in this way.

On February 14, Ukrainian and Russian football players began to fight in Turkey. The players of the Transcarpathian club “Minaj” met with colleagues from Yaroslavl “Shinnik”, who lived with them in the same hotel.

Source: Focus


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