Today’s horoscope for Leo for February 26, 2023.


(21.07 – 21.08)

Discussions will take away the energy you need to achieve your main goals. Therefore, if there are disagreements with colleagues or clients, I suggest that you do not mix personal matters with professional ones and focus on the most important.



Love horoscope for Leo

If everything seems crazy and out of control, it is unlikely that anything useful can be done. You may feel that the situation is unsettling and notice the annoyance of those around you, especially those who are dear and dear to you the most. Keep a low profile, wait until peace and normalcy return before doing anything.



Leo money horoscope

Your finances will not go well today, so be careful or you may suffer some losses. Some people will try to convince you. Be skeptical of the advice of others. Some of them may seek only their own well-being and be dishonest, thinking only about their own interests.



Leo sex horoscope

Family and cozy nights of passion are planned, it seems that you have lost your taste for casual meetings. You crave romantic dinners and the pleasure of bubble baths. Pamper each other with body massages and caresses. This way you will get to know your lover’s body again!

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