In the Czech Republic called Biden’s main mistake in policy towards Russia

Photo: © REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Photo: © REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

The administration of US President Joe Baden made a serious mistake by provoking the creation of a bloc with the participation of Russia and China. About it declared former diplomat and ex-deputy minister of defense of the Czech Republic Jaromir Novotny in an interview with Radio Universum.

The politician noted that the Russian economy not only withstood the sanctions imposed by the West, but also “turned” to the east, which led to the strengthening of relations with China.

Hindus and Chinese continue to calmly trade with Russia. As they say, only smoke is a rocker“, – said Novotny.

He also added that former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was able to “split the USSR-China bloc,” and “Biden managed to create the Russia-China bloc.”

The diplomat recalled that the United States explicitly calls China its main enemy. In this light, he recommended that Europe deal with its relations with Russia on its own, without counting on American help.

Source: Ren


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