Overwhelming! Luis R. Conriquez recorded with Nicky Jam, Farruko and El Alfa

our prize served as a meeting place for many music stars, including Luis R. Conriquez and a good select group of urban genre artists, not to mention the biggest stars reggaeton. New ideas have come out of this union, and the good news is that “El Rey de los Corridos Bélicos” includes several collaborations with Nicky Jam, Farruko, El Alfa and many more.

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Luis R. Conriquez continues to reap success. He just finished recording the video for the next song to come out with the translator “Ojos Rojos”. Nicky Jam. “Like the Wind” this is the name of this cooperation, which has already become a fact.

Cartel Music responsible for making this possible under magnifying glass and detail Freddy Becerra, Leonardo Soto, Max And Nadia Sandoval. The final work is of high quality and meets the highest production standards that the record label has taught us to do.

Luis R. Conriquez he was able to connect with other urban music greats: simple 305 And alpha With whom they are already discussing future joint projects, but so far they cannot reveal this to us. still gave peacocks to their fans through social media.

War Corridor Corridos recorded with a translator “Kernels”, farruko from the Isle of Enchantment, Puerto Rico. this is a remix of “I killed myself in the ring” which he hopes to release in the coming weeks.

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Luis R. Conriquez won the Premio Lo Nuestro purple carpet.

He came and everyone turned around. Just as it was and is, the regional singer has been a resounding success and even more so when everyone wants to have their own song in this genre. Before Bihota Carol G. dared to record a song on his new album “Tomorrow will be beautiful” at the ranch.

Luis R. Conriquez, Mexican regional singer, at Premio Lo Nuestro 2023.

There on the purple carpet Lo Nuestro Awardwhere more than 50 artists gathered for the most important music festival in the Univision network, Luis R. Conriquez he was able to please fans, many of whom were celebrities, and colleagues with his incredible talent and personality. No doubt this Sinaloan is much more than Mexican pride. Became a true representative of Latin American music.

Author: Enlai Li Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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