Following Trump’s example: Brazil’s former president launches his own products

The ex-president of Brazil offers souvenirs and beer mugs with his last name. The politician is in self-imposed exile in the USA – last year Bolsonaro lost the election, was not re-elected and is now presenting his new project.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has launched a signature series of various products, apparently following the example of former US President Donald Trump. Reported by Reuters.

The Brazilian politician plans to sell his products on the recently launched Bolsonaro Store website. It offers souvenirs, beer mugs, calendars and cutting boards with a new brand name.

According to the agency, Bolsonaro is trying to capitalize on his popularity by selling products this way. The president’s son, Eduardo, claims that this is not just a job, but a way to remember all the achievements made during his presidency. He said that the most appealing element of the site is the calendar with iconic photos from the last four years of his father’s reign.

Thus, the former president is copying his idol, former US President Donald Trump, who made good money selling baseball caps with the slogan “Make America Great Again”. The cover is currently available on the Trump Storewe website for $50 each.

Jair Bolsonaro lost the Brazilian presidential election to Lula da Silva. In early January, thousands of supporters of the former president, who did not participate in the election results, stormed the Supreme Court, Congress and the presidential palace to overthrow the new government. Bolsonaro left for the United States on the eve of the end of his term.

Brazil has launched an investigation into the former president, suspected of “inciting and planning anti-democratic acts leading to vandalism and violence”.

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Source: Focus


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