Protesters in Tel Aviv are dispersed with water cannons

Photo: © REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Photo: © REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Israeli police used water cannons against protesters in Tel Aviv. About it writes edition of The Times of Israel.

On March 4, another wave of protests took place in Israel, which did not subside with the onset of night. About 160,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv alone, according to the newspaper.

Part of the protesters tried to block one of the main highways of the city – the Ayalon highway. The police responded with jets of water from water cannons.

Recall, the Israelis are protesting for the ninth week against the implementation of judicial reform, which proposes to limit the influence of the Supreme Court on the adoption of laws and give the government more influence on the decision of the court and on the appointment of its members.

Even Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog called for abandoning the reform and starting a dialogue with the opposition.

Despite this, on February 27, the Knesset passed the law in the first reading, which aggravated the protests and increased their scale.

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