Pushkov criticized the version of the deputy of the Federal Republic of Germany about undermining the “Potok” by fishermen

Photo: © Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency/Trond Larsen/Expressen/Tt

Photo: © Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency/Trond Larsen/Expressen/Tt

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the words of Bundestag deputy Roderich Kizevetter, who suggested that the sabotage on Nord Stream was carried out by “people who fished in the Baltic Sea. According to him, this is the most absurd version of all that he heard from representatives of Germany.

“That is, they went out on a lovely day to catch Baltic flounder, threw dynamite into the water, and then they look – and as many as three pipelines flew into the air! That’s how they went fishing … Either this deputy considers everyone idiots, or he is not ashamed to expose himself as such “he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The Russian senator also said that the new versions of the terrorist attack on the gas pipelines, which are “thrown in Germany,” pursue one single goal – to divert all suspicions from the United States.

Recall that on March 7, The New York Times published an article stating that the United States had new intelligence about the sabotage at Nord Stream. According to this information, a certain pro-Ukrainian group was involved in the explosion, the activities of which in Kyiv could not even be suspected.

However, German defense expert Geran Svistek doubts the veracity of this version. According to him, a small group of people could not pull off such an operation, since it requires many months of preparation, special knowledge, and significant financial resources.

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