Drug-related violence is destroying Tulum, a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists in Mexico.

While organized crime has existed on the Riviera Maya for some time, it has operated without the level of violence found in northern Mexican states such as Tamaulipas.

Thus, tourism could continue to enjoy heavenly places like Tulum, one of the favorite destinations for foreign holidaymakers visiting the country.

However, this situation has changed during this year, and especially in recent days, as there were several executions that forced local authorities to take drastic measures which will undoubtedly affect tourism.

And this is what as of March 17th this has been implemented New closing times for bars and clubs in TulumThis was reported in the message of the City Council.

But not only these places will have restrictions, as the hours of sale of food and alcoholic beverages in the coastal zone will be until 01:00, and the full closure should be at 01:30.

Similarly, in the city center, the maximum time is 02:00 and the total closing time is 2:30.

This measure, according to the newspaper Milenio, is due to the fact that there have been six murders in Tulum in recent days, and two of them where the victims were shot women. According to the authorities, the main focus of the investigation is settling scores between groups of drug traffickers.

Another case was reported early on Wednesday morning when two men were executed on the outskirts of the El Tuap nightclub by detonating an impressive security device and the police were unable to apprehend those responsible.

It should be noted that this violence also led to travel warning issued by the United States governmentin which it recommends that its citizens take extra precautions in central areas of popular spring break destinations, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, especially after sunset.

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Source: La Opinion


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