They show that Leonardo da Vinci was the son of a slave sold to Italy.

many continue unsolved mysteries around the famous Italian renaissance painter Leonardo da Vincibut it seems that the question of his mother’s lineage has just been settled.

Experts have long known that Da Vinci’s mother’s name was Katerina.but for a long time It was assumed that she was Italian, more precisely Muscana, and a peasant woman..

However, now the archives of the city of Florence suggest that Caterina was a slave, captured and taken to Italy. This could mean that his son, an Italian legend, was only half Italian.

Carlo Vecce, a professor at the University of Naples and an expert on Leonardo for decades, shared this data with AFP before the release of his novel. “The smile of Catalina, Leonardo’s mother”.

According to Vecce’s research, Katerina was a teenager taken from her home in the Caucasus Mountains, in what was then called Cherkasy.and which is now part of Russia. It was transported across the Black Sea, sold and resold to owners in Constantinople, Venice and finally Florence where was purchased by the family to work as a breadwinner.

It is in the city of Florence she met a young notary named Piero da Vincki, and in the summer of 1451 they had a son named Leonardo.

The Italian expert managed to get legal documents signed by Leonardo’s own father for the release of Katerina: “Regain your freedom and restore your human dignity.” The document that freed her as a slave was dated November 2, 1452, seven months after Leonardo’s birth.

Filled out documentsthe man who loved Catalina when she was still a slavegiven to him by this boy named Leonardo, and [fue] also the person who helped to free her,” Vecce told AFP.

However, shortly after the birth of his son Katerina married a small local ownerwith a generous dowry. The couple had five children.

His mother’s origin inspired Da Vinci

Vecce deduces that they were the difficult past of his “immigrant” mother, who pushed for the incredible work of da Vinciwhich covered not only the field of art, but also science, engineering, anatomy, and architecture, among others.

According to him, da Vinci inherited from Katerina the “spirit of freedom” and directed him to his trade.

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