‘Who is what?’: Argentine parents take an odyssey to distinguish their twins

A pair of new Argentinian parents lived a real odyssey for differentiate your newborn twins after they took off the badge that helped them know which was which.

The case went viral after mother posted this on social media to ask for advice to help them solve problems they have experienced with their recent children.

the couple had to seek help from the authorities to identify their twins, because when removing the bracelets that they put on at birth, they got confused and could no longer distinguish them.

“Tomorrow I need to go to the police to get my twins fingerprinted and tell who is who.I won the Mother of the Year award,” wrote Sophia Rodriguez on her Twitter account, the mother of Lorenzo and Valentina, who spoke with humor about the problem she faced with the babies’ father, Leonardo Costa.

Lawrence and Valentine Born January 6th in Mendoza and, as is the case with all twins, they were promptly given colorful bracelets to identify them.

The problem arose at the beginning of March, because one night both babies vomited, and the father and mother decided to remove the bracelets to clean them. and then no longer recognized.

In the face of some comments that said that he should no longer worry about distinguishing his children, which he renamed, mother explained that it is important for her to know who is who because “everyone has a birth certificate, their own DNI, medical history, basically their identity. And because, as a mother, I want to know what is what,” Sophia replied.

The authorities helped to solve the problem

A few days after he told his story, Officials from the National Registry of Persons (Renaper) arrived at the house the couple to re-take the children’s biometric data and compare it with the DNI issued immediately after their birth.

with these actions managed to distinguish twins in the most reliable way, as it is the most reliable proof of identity, since human fingerprints are unique.

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Source: La Opinion


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