Split the bill for dinner equally? 33% of Americans are strongly opposed.

Sharing food isn’t always helpful, especially if you’re eating out. if you ever thought it is unfair and inconvenient to share the cost of dinner with friends, you are not the only one.

according to American eating habits surveya third of Americans don’t think the bill should be split evenly unless the cost of food is the same.

This answer is instructive considering that when groups of friends go out to eat, they often choose distribute the bill equally, even if not everyone consumed the same amountor.

Survey of 2000 adults analyzed some aspects that are difficult for people to share and found that when it comes to their partner, people say they are more likely to share things like clothes (50%) and money (57%), but It’s not always the case with food.

Two out of three respondents in a relationship said that when they sit down to dinner with their partner, what belongs to them belongs to them and they do not share it (67%), Millennials are the demographic that most shares these anti-sharing sentiments (74%).

A survey conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Fogo de Chão also showed that people don’t want to let anyone take from their plate: A fifth of those surveyed even said they need to know someone for at least six months before they feel comfortable sharing food.

Exchange Benefits

Although most people don’t like it share your food Or even not for someone to taste a little, They acknowledge that this can have certain benefits for both parties.

While many do not like to share, respondents agree that it can have its benefits. Nearly three-quarters said they wanted to try something new when they eat out but are afraid they won’t like it (73%).

Sharing with others people take advantage of being able to try different foods (35%) and no need to stick to one menu item (19%). However, respondents note that there are etiquette rules when sharing food (57%), for example, putting a piece on a fork to another person (23%) or passing it on a separate plate (22%).

And the exchange rules are completely different. Half of those surveyed ended up trading all their food. with someone because they liked him more (49%).

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Source: La Opinion


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