Russian fighters shot down Ukrainian Mi-8 near Kupyansk

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Valentin Kapustin

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Valentin Kapustin

Russian fighter aircraft shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter near Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region, Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing.

In addition, in the Kupyansk direction, aviation, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems hit units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Dvurechnaya, Timkovka, Olshany in the Kharkiv region and Novoselovsky in the LPR.

The losses of the Ukrainian army in this direction amounted to 50 servicemen, two combat armored vehicles and two vehicles.

Russian special operation to protect Donbass

The DPR and LPR announced the aggravation of the situation in the Donbass on February 17, 2022. Then they announced the evacuation of the population.

On February 21, the heads of the republics turned to Putin with a request to recognize their independence. The President held a meeting of the Security Council, after which he recognized the LNR and the DNR. Friendship and cooperation agreements were signed with both republics, which were later ratified by the State Duma and the Federation Council.

Two days later, the heads of the DPR and LPR turned to Putin with a request to help repel Kyiv’s aggression in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and civilian casualties. The next day, February 24, the Russian leader addressed the nation and announced the start of a special operation in Ukraine to protect Donbass.

On September 30, Putin and the heads of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions signed agreements on the entry of these regions into the Russian Federation.

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