Russia became the leader in natural gas supplies to China in January

Photo: © Global Look Press/Wang Jianwei/Xinhua

Photo: © Global Look Press/Wang Jianwei/Xinhua

In January 2023, Russia became the leader in terms of natural gas supplies to China, both in pipeline and liquefied form. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to Chinese customs.

It is noted that the total supply of Russian fuel amounted to 2.7 billion cubic meters, which exceeded gas supplies from Turkmenistan, Qatar (2.2 billion cubic meters each) and Australia (1.9 billion cubic meters).

According to customs data, Russia delivered almost two billion cubic meters of blue fuel to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline. In LNG supplies, this figure reaches 770 million cubic meters.

It is specified that total imports for the first month of this year increased by one percent by January 2022, to 11.3 billion cubic meters, while LNG imports in January 2023 increased by seven percent.

Earlier, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that Russia and China could exceed the level of mutual trade of $200 billion this year.

Source: Ren


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