Asia Times predicted Ukraine’s defeat in the conflict of attrition

Photo: © Global Look Press/Ashley Chan/Keystone Press Agency

Photo: © Global Look Press/Ashley Chan/Keystone Press Agency

Ukraine risks losing in a conflict of attrition, despite the efforts made by the West. Reviewers expressed this opinion. Asia Times, commenting on the recent closed conference of leading American foreign policy experts.

“Russia will keep the Sea of ​​Azov and most of the Donbass, and the settlement of the conflict will be imposed on Ukraine”– predict the authors of the publication.

It is indicated that such an outcome of events is possible due to the fact that Ukraine is running out of both forces and ammunition. The United States, according to the article, has political restrictions on military assistance to Kyiv. Thus, if support cannot be increased in two years, losses should be reduced now.

Journalists drew attention to the fact that Washington is rapidly losing influence, underestimating Russia. Also, the United States does not have the industrial capacity to provide Ukraine with artillery shells, so an immediate ceasefire would be the best policy.

Note that the Ukrainian military has repeatedly complained about “shell hunger.” So, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to save ammunition due to the lack of shells. On March 16, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Leytekha complained about the “missile shortage” at the positions in Artemivsk, explaining that the lack of shells prevents the military from carrying out their tasks. Polish war correspondent Marcin Wyrwal said that in six months the situation with the lack of shells in the Ukrainian army would reach a critical point.

The Financial Times wrote that the production of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) and their delivery to Kyiv are delayed due to a shortage of components in the European Union. Thus, the EU cannot quickly fulfill orders for the production of weapons due to the lack of gunpowder, plastic explosives and TNT. Events in Ukraine have exposed Europe’s insufficient arms stockpiles and weak manufacturing capacity due to decades of poor investment.

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