In the United States proposed to create an analogue of NATO for the introduction of Western troops into Ukraine

Photo: © Global Look Press/Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Photo: © Global Look Press/Kay Nietfeld/dpa

To resolve the Ukrainian crisis, troops of the alliance, an analogue of NATO, could be brought into the country, said Liz Maurier Howard, an expert on UN peacekeeping operations and US foreign policy, and Michael Edward O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, in an article for foreign affairs.

“Western leaders should develop security arrangements and consider strategies to help Ukraine and manage future relations with Russia”the publication says.

The authors believe that in order to ensure a peaceful existence, it is possible to create a security community, which will include NATO countries, Ukraine, its other allies and any neutral countries. For Russia to join this structure, Howard and O’Hanlon put forward a condition – a change of power.

According to the ideologists of the creation of the organization, its members will have a common long-term goal. In the near future – the control and legalization of the permanent military presence of the West in Ukraine.

In addition, it was proposed to use the new alliance to reach an agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, resolve the migration crisis and fight terrorism.

In Ukraine, these troops, according to the idea of ​​the authors of the initiative, will have to monitor the Russian troops, train the Armed Forces of Ukraine and act as a “stretch” in order to prevent an escalation.

A representative of India or another neutral country can lead the mission, but the American military must also be part of the international contingent. The authors substantiated this proposal by the need for containment in Ukraine.

The ideologists of the initiative proposed two options for its implementation: in one case, a mission to Ukraine will be sent with the approval of the UN General Assembly, in the other, directly to an organization called the Atlantic-Asian Security Community. In the second case, permission from Kyiv will be required to send the contingent.

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