Mexico allows passage through its territory to foreign immigrants with a CBP-approved appointment.

He National Institute for Migration (INM) Mexico said on Tuesday it was allowing the passage undocumented immigrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua who have an appointment confirmed US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)through the CBP One app.

The INM statement says that “it allows the use of the territory of Mexico for the transit of foreigners” originating from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua “who have an application to enter the United States previously accepted by the CBP.

The Mexican government, through INM, an agency of the Department of the Interior, clarified in a statement that “The care provided by INM to foreigners who have requested the United States entry process through the CBP ONE app or Advance Travel Authorization (ATA) does not imply the issuance of immigration documentation by the Mexican government.

The INM explained that it is “in touch with CBP representatives” to check for a meeting on U.S. soil “and allow them to get to a U.S.-approved port of entry, by air or land, and complete them.” Procedure”.

The Mexican government’s decision is expected to make it easier for immigrants who have appointments with US immigration authorities to arrive at their destination on the scheduled date.

Author: Maria Ortiz
Source: La Opinion


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