Tough Questions to TikTok CEO in Congress for Spying on China

Executive Director tik takShow Tzu Chu, testified today at the Commerce and Energy Committee hearing House of Representatives And in a rare show of unity, members of both sides attacked the platform for its data security practices and its relationship with the Chinese government.

The Tzu Chu show tried to fend off Thursday’s flurry of criticism from Congress, but after hours of often acrimonious exchanges, many lawmakers still appeared to hold their ground.Serious national security concerns about a Chinese-owned technology platform and the threat it poses for the 150 million Americans who use the app.

“TikTok is watching all of us and the Chinese Communist Party can use this as a tool to manipulate the United States as a whole,” the chairman of the Trade and Energy Committee said. Kathy McMorris Rogers, the Republican MP from Washington State, during his opening remarks at Thursday’s hearing with Chu. “We don’t believe TikTok will ever embrace American values. Their platform should be banned.”

TikTok CEO testifies before Congress for the first time, and the stakes are high because The Biden administration is demanding that Chinese TikTok owner ByteDance sell the app or face a ban. in addition to lawmakers on both sides pushing for measures to control its use.

Chu has repeatedly downplayed his ties to China and cited TikTok’s “unprecedented” data protection practices compared to other social media competitors.

The committee didn’t care. Without much goodwill in Washington, TikTok will have to take a narrow path to avoid serious repercussions from Congress.

Legislators challenged Chu because of the same issues that plague all social media platforms. including privacy, impact on children’s mental health, and addiction.

Legislators noted dangerous viral trends on TikTok that have been linked to the death of young users, such as the choking challenge and content that they say could induce people to commit suicide.

Chu has repeatedly said the app poses no threat to Americans and has refused to answer questions about his compensation and the company’s earnings.

Chu said he “didn’t believe” TikTok was selling user data. He also said that the app does not collect more user information than any other competitor in the industry.

On the eve of Chu’s first testimony before Congress, The Biden administration has indicated that it would rather sell or spin off TikTok than threaten to ban the app..

The Chinese government said it “strongly opposes” the forced sale.

TikTok’s chief executive told lawmakers he will follow four points: prioritize the safety of young users, protect data from outside unauthorized access, remain a platform for free speech, and be transparent.

Author: Maria Ortiz
Source: La Opinion


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