Record in history: Poles fundamentally changed their attitude towards Ukrainians, – poll

According to the CBOS research institute, Russians and Belarusians are at the bottom of the polls’ sympathy rankings. The best attitude in Poland is towards Americans, Italians and British.

The Polish Institute for Public Studies CBOS studied the views of Polish citizens about different nationalities and concluded that the level of sympathy for Ukrainians is currently the highest in the history of the work. The survey results were published by Onet Wiadomości.

Sociologists have found that last year the attitude towards Ukrainian citizens among Poles has improved significantly (51% sympathy, 17% hostility), which is a record level of kindness.

Poles have the best attitude towards US citizens (68% sympathy and 6% dislike). Polish residents also have a good opinion of Italians (61% like, 8% dislike) and British (60% like, 11% dislike).

As for the level of sympathy of the Poles with the citizens of the Russian Federation, it reached a historical minimum, which put the Russians in the last place in the rating (82% sympathy against 6%). Researchers note that in Poland over the past 30 years there has not been such a sharp deterioration in attitudes towards representatives of another country.

Citizens of neighboring Belarus cause slightly less negative emotions among Poles (19% sympathy and 51% hostility). He also reports a record level of dislike for Hungarian citizens (27% versus 36%, dislike rate).

Recall that according to a survey of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) dated March 20, 63% of Ukrainian citizens consider Poles to be the people closest to them in mentality and history.

The March 24 KIIS survey also notes that over the past year, 69% of Ukraine’s adult citizens have noticed an increase in interest in studying their country’s history. Most of the participants in the study have a positive attitude towards the Ukrainian historical characters who took part in the formation of the state.

According to a survey published by the Razumkov Center on March 24, 37% of Ukrainians have lost or injured loved ones since the start of a large-scale war launched by the Russian Federation.

Source: Focus


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