What is known about the Ukrainian pilot detained near Bryansk

Photo: © screenshot from video

Photo: © screenshot from video

In the border area of ​​the Bryansk region, an aircraft landed in a field, and the pilot disappeared into the forest. The security forces combed the area and the unknown pilot was detained. He did not deny, calling himself a private pilot from the Kharkov region.

The aircraft was identified as Aeroprakt A-22 of Ukrainian production, and next to it they found a body armor and a machine gun with cartridges sprinkled with earth. The detainee admitted that he was promised 50,000 hryvnias for the flight. But at first he described the nature of the task rather vaguely.

To date, the following facts are known about him: the name of the pilot is Alexander Morozov, he learned to fly at the age of 50. In 2014, together with co-pilot Yuriy, he began to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian border service.

In 2016, the pilots created the “Civil Air Patrol” and retrained as civil air ambulance, thus collecting donations.

In 2018, Ukrainian television told about Alexander. From the very beginning of the conflict in Donbass, Morozov helped the Ukrainian military to patrol the forests and roads and took out the wounded from the front line. He has his own small private airfield in the Kharkov region. In 2018, five small aircraft were on duty there.

Now Alexander was detained and interrogated by the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Source: Ren


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