They threaten Juan Mercan, the judge in the case against Donald Trump

Judge Juan Mercan, appointed to prosecute former President Donald Trump in New York for falsifying commercial documents, and his family received more than a dozen threats via calls and emailsindicated by the US media.

Most of the threats and slanderous calls that appear to come from outside the state are being happened within 24 hours since Merchan read the 34 charges filed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office against Trump on April 4, to which the former president pleaded not guilty.

Having learned that Merchan will be the judge who will read the accusations of the prosecutor’s office, Trump wrote on his network social truth that the judge hated him.

Merchan, who immigrated to New York from Columbia when he was six, previously presided over a tax fraud trial. trump organization, property of the former president; he oversaw a case against his former adviser, Steve Bannon, and sentenced Allen Weisselberg, one of the businessman’s most dedicated squires, to prison.

Attorney Alvin Bragg, who led the investigation into the former Republican president, and others in his office continue to receive threats.why the Police have increased security for them, the media also details.

According to the indictment, the former president orchestrated a scheme to pay to keep three people quiet who could damage his 2016 presidential campaign, including pornographic actress Stormy Daniels.

At a press conference in Miami, after hearing the allegations against him, Trump said that “lunatics, maniacs and perverts from among the radical left” accused and arrested him “for no reason.”

Author: german wave
Source: La Opinion


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