I will not give it back: among the “extreme patriots” the Russian opposition found a replacement for Putin (video)

The newly-minted presidential candidate claims that the current government in the Russian Federation is anti-people and that officials and businessmen “drank the blood” of the Russian people and army.

The public organization “All-Russian Officers’ Assembly”, known for its criticism of the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin himself, has announced its candidate for the presidential elections to be held in Russia in 2024. It turned out to be Ivan Otrakovsky, captain of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This was learned from a video posted on YouTube on April 21.

Former Colonel of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, GRU Vladimir Kvachkov, spoke at the meeting of the Russian opposition organization. He stated that if elections are held next year, the All-Russian Officers’ Assembly and the Army of the Defenders of the Fatherland will nominate Ivan Otrakovsky as its candidate for the presidency of Russia.

In response, the newly-minted candidate said that by going to the presidency of Russia he understood all the responsibility and risks, and therefore categorically promised not to “return” to Russian citizens.

“I understand all the responsibility and all the risks. I say firmly and confidently that I will not give up. , openly and directly,” Otrakovsky said pathetically.

The sailor claims that the current government in the Russian Federation is anti-people. According to him, Russian officials and businessmen who take advantage of the situation earn money at the expense of the public and the military.

The officer was convinced, “Now there is a question of power. Why? Because the government in the country is anti-people. Bureaucrats and merchants climb on our necks and drink the blood of both the army and the people.”

According to the opposition candidate, in Russia, the people and the army should unite in a single political impulse, come to power and decide on the establishment of a socially just state.

Criticism of a candidate

Russian media points out that Otrakovsky, who considers himself a proven social activist and military patriot, probably has high hopes for the opposition organization. However, extreme patriots and supporters of the “Russian world” from the “People’s Union for the Revival of Russia” (OSVR) think otherwise.

The former leader of the “DPR” militants, Igor Strelkov (Girkin), who repeatedly invited Colonel Kvachkov to his broadcasts, also commented on the initiatives of his ideological partners and spoke out against the candidate Otrakovsky. According to him, this nomination is not suitable.

“But in vain. Not because I have a bad attitude towards Ivan Otrakovsky (I treat him with respect despite differences of opinion), but because he (unfortunately) – despite all his virtues – is the only candidate from patriotic forces in the presidency, the elections are not good,” he wrote. on Telegram.

Recall, the British Ministry of Defense reported on February 6 that Moscow plans to hold regional elections in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine to justify their capture in this way. According to the British military, Russification continues in the occupied territories, which includes overhaul of education, communication and transport systems.

Source: Focus


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