An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 has hit the northeast coast of New Zealand, triggering a brief tsunami warning.

The 7.3 magnitude quake hit the Kermadec Islands off New Zealand, according to the US Geological Survey. creating a tsunami warning that was taken off after business hours.

Before you raise the alarm authorities have asked residents near the coasts near the area to leave the area prior to the tsunami warning.

The US Tsunami Warning System initially signaled a tsunami threat following the quake and warned of the possibility of “dangerous waves” 300 kilometers from the quake’s epicenter along the coast of the Kermadec Islands.

However, About an hour after the earthquake was recorded, it turned out that there was no tsunami threat for the country.

According to preliminary information, the epicenter was around the Kermadec Islands, which are located about 500 miles northeast of the coast of New Zealand.

The Kermadec Islands, located between New Zealand and Tonga, are uninhabited.with the exception of the personnel of the base permanently stationed on Raul Island, which has a weather and radio station.

New Zealand sits on a fault line between the Pacific and Oceanic tectonic plates and records about 14,000 earthquakes every year.of which 100 to 150 are strong enough to be perceived.

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Source: La Opinion


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