REN TV will tell why bosses benefit from the sleep of employees at work

Photo: © Unsplash

Photo: © Unsplash

In a St. Petersburg school, a robot was hired as a teacher. An unusual teacher quickly travels around the class, and everything he sees is displayed on the screens of users who just had to go to the site. This publication tells “Petersburg Diary”.

This device was designed to help fight the effects of the coronavirus and conduct distance learning in the most interesting way for students. But now that the virus outbreak is behind us, the robot is more entertaining.

What other unusual gadgets do you have at work? What will the office of the future look like? Why bosses benefit from the sleep of employees? And what country has to send employees home from work using drones? Details about this and much more – in the program “Science and Technology” with the host Mikhail Borzenkov. The science blockbuster will be released on Sunday, April 30 at 10:30 am on REN TV.

Source: Ren


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