Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation said the collapse of the “American dream”

Photo: © Schneider

Photo: © Schneider

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in an interview with a newspaper “News” declared that the myth of the “American dream” has long been destroyed.

He noted that in the countries of the collective West, not everyone is opposed to Russia, many are well aware of what is happening.

“Respectable Americans and Europeans may well ignore Washington’s anti-Russian propaganda, come to our country and become citizens of the Russian Federation, subject to Russian law and respect for our culture”Patrushev noted.

He added that the number of people wishing to move to live in Russia is constantly growing. Over the past year, the number of Americans holding foreign passports has tripled.

“For your information: over the past year, the number of US citizens who received passports from other countries has tripled. The myth of the notorious “American dream” has been dispelled. Today, the States have literally slipped into the Middle Ages”Patrushev added.

He noted that Washington is silently watching the atrocities of radical individuals. The official line of the States is forcing citizens to bow to the BLM movement.

Patrushev also noted in an interview that the US plans do not include the preservation of Ukraine as a state. According to him, the States are only interested in natural resources located in Ukraine.

Source: Ren


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