Republican lawmakers propose an investigation against President Joe Biden on suspicion of bribery

Supervisory Chairman House of RepresentativesRepublican James Comer sharply stepped up his investigation into the president. Joe Biden sending an information request to the FBI on Wednesday citing a “highly credible” complaint against Biden, Politico reported.

In a sentence investigate President Joe Biden for taking bribes while he was Vice President of Barack Obama (2009-2017), James Comer and Budget Committee member Republican legislator Charles Grassley indicated they made this decision after claim that the FBI and the Department of Justice have valuable information about thisalthough they did not make it public.

The two lawmakers claimed to have received “highly credible” revelations that the FBI and the Department of Justice had an unclassified document describing an alleged criminal scheme involving the then vice president and a foreign national for whom a trade could take place. … money in exchange for political decisions.

The applicant who provided them with this information claims that the document contains an accurate description of this plan and its purpose.

Two top Republicans They did not provide further details about the nature of these allegations.. But the GOP has been making it clear for months that the ultimate goal of its oversight of Joe Biden is to find hard evidence that could link the president to the business dealings of his son Hunter, who is also under federal investigation.

The FBI and the Department of Justice, according to a letter sent by Comer and Grassley to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, have sufficient information “to determine the veracity and accuracy” of what is contained in the report, but it is unclear if they have taken steps to investigate the case.

Thus, Comer and Grassley assured that an “independent and objective” investigation into the allegations would be launched.and they asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to cooperate in their investigations by providing them with all Biden-related documents created or modified in June 2020 when this bribery may have occurred.

The Republican Party regained control of the House of Representatives in January after the November midterm elections and have since were referring to the investigation of alleged businesses that the Biden family could hold with the “opponents” of the country, taking advantage of their political influence.

The White House reacted

The White House accused lawmakers of “an unfounded political attack.”

Ian Sams, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, said in a statement: “For five years, Republicans in Congress have launched baseless, unsubstantiated, and politically motivated attacks on the president and his family, without offering evidence of their claims or evidence of a decision, on which were influenced by something other than the interests of the United States”.

And Sams added: “When it comes to President Biden’s personal finances, anyone can take a look: he offered an unprecedented level of transparency by providing the American public with 25 years of tax returns.”

According to EFE

Author: Maria Ortiz
Source: La Opinion


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