Max Verstappen shows what he’s made of and wins the Miami Grand Prix, back against Sergio “Checo” Perez.

After the victory of Sergio “Checo” Perez in that Azerbaijan Grand Prixthe Mexican started first in Miami Grand Prix and dominated the first laps, but the Dutchman Max Verstappen he made a great comeback after starting ninth and finishing with a record last lap time.

On a track with strong winds and a high chance of rain, the Mexican remained dominant and was able to maintain first position at the start against the siege. Fernando Alonsobut in other way Verstappen He moved up the positions.

On the sixth lap, he cut half the time on the ninth lap. Russell and put it in fifth place. Immediately afterwards, in the tenth, he did the same with Extinguished and got a seat for a dramatic one on one with Carlos Sainzwhom he edged out on lap 14.

Already at 15 did not forgive Fernando Alonso and in the 21st he already took control of the race, beating Sergio “Checo” Perez. Despite tire wear, the Dutchman had a great race and it wasn’t until lap 46 that he briefly lost the lead when he pulled into the pit lane.

Leaving, the European stumbled a second behind the Mexican. What seemed like a big fight for first place didn’t last long because on lap 48 Verstappen regained control at Turn 2 after using the straight to pass Perez that little could be done to defend the position.

Max He achieved his 38th win and third in 2023. While the team Red Bull added his fourth double of the campaign and one step away from last season’s record of five. He Miami Grand Prix finished with Sergio Perez in the second position Alonso out of three Russell room and sines fifth.

The Dutchman rejoiced at the end of the victory, noting not only his big and fast rise in positions, but also the fight against ‘Czech’. “It’s something special to win from afar and beat your teammate,” he said.

Author: Alfredo Di Cesare
Source: La Opinion


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