With the Bienestar Card, Mexicans will send money transfers at a lower cost and better dollar value.

The Mexican government has provided Mexicans living in the United States with a financial wellness card to send remittances for as little as $3.99 for up to $2,500 and at the best exchange rate.

May Day President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a statement at his conferences. morningbut teacher Rocio Mejia, CEO of Financiera para el Bienestar, gave more details in an interview with Opinion.

“Through Telecom (Telégrafos de México) with its 1,700 branches across Mexico, now Financiera para El Bienestar, migrants will be able to send remittances to their loved ones,” said teacher Mejia.

To start the process, he asked his compatriots to go to the nearest Mexican consulate to their place of residence in order to issue their financial well-being card.

“You don’t need to make an appointment, just say that you are going to request a Financiera para el Bienestar card. They need to carry identification with them, which can be a voter card, Mexican passport or consular registration,” he said.

Wellbeing map. (courtesy of the Mexican government)

He clarified that they were going to leave with their Financial Wellbeing Card and, having it in hand, should download the application of the Mexican company Broxel.com/bienestar to their phone.

“In order to activate it, they will ask for your name, address and email address.”

He added that when activated, they can start sending money to their relatives in Mexico. Enough for them to go to a 7-Eleven or CVS, Walmart or Walgreens.

On the Financiera para el Bienestar website, you can find a list of places from where you can send money to Mexico, the official explained.

On the other hand, a family member or person who is going to raise money in Mexico should go to Telecom and request their financial wellness card for free.

“Telecom employees are trained to help people download the app to their phone and register it. The application is made in a friendly way so that older people do not have problems accessing it.

Teacher Mejia said that the Financiera Bienestar (FINABIEN) card is designed to make compatriots no longer dependent on money transfer companies and have an innovative tool that allows their families to receive money in 30 seconds.

“The exchange rate at which your dollars are paid is the average of the three highest exchange rates of the day. And it is important that they know that the exchange rate they send will be respected in Mexico.”

The purpose of the FINABIEN card is to make compatriots pay less for sending money transfers. (Courtesy)

He noted that consulates will issue two cards: a FINABIEN card for use in the US and a FINABIEN card for Mexico. “The last they can pay for loans and services in Mexico and even save. With a FINABIEN card in the United States, this is the one they will use to send money to Mexico from card to card.”

Also with this card, your relatives in Mexico will be able to access loans for their small business.

“Thanks to this card, a bank account is created for them, and the money they invest gives them 10% per year on the average annual balance.”

For any questions, they should call the numbers on the card.

If you would like to apply for a FINABIEN card, please contact the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles or your nearest Financial Advice Office, preferably Monday, Thursday or Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador shows a wealth card to send money transfers. (Courtesy)

Website: Financieraparaelbienestar.gov.mx

President López Obrador announced that last year they received about $2.3 billion in remittances through Financiera para el Bienestar.

“Nearly 30 consulates have already delivered the cards, and we still need the fourth and fifth stages so that they can be delivered to 50 US consulates.”

It should be remembered that the Bienestar card is a MasterCard that is accepted worldwide for physical and online purchases, said the director of Financiera Bienestar.

“For those who suffer from banking marginalization, with a registration, an INE ID or a license, they will be able to deliver a card, they will have a bank account and they will be able to make transfers,” the President of Mexico said.

At the same time, the president said, they are solving one of the tasks of developing a tool to reduce the cost of money transfers.

Author: Aracely Martinez Ortega
Source: La Opinion


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