Doctor title awarded: Zelensky spoke to college students in the USA (video)

The Ukrainian leader told the students about the importance of time and how Ukrainians defend their independence and freedom every day against Russian aggression.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the graduates of Johns Hopkins University. This was written by The Washington Post.

According to journalists, Zelensky’s participation as a speaker at the graduation ceremony at the university was strictly confidential. The head of state agreed to speak after being invited by the institution’s president, Ronald J. Daniels.

In his speech, Zelenskiy said that he has been on the front lines in one of the hottest war zones where Ukrainian soldiers are fighting for freedom and independence recently.

But in his speech to the students, the President of Ukraine paid special attention to time.

“I am proud that Ukraine did not waste a single day in its defense against Russian terrorism. Every day we do everything to become stronger, protect people and save more lives,” he said.

He told students that time is more important than oil, uranium and lithium.

“Some people realize this earlier and they’re lucky. Others realize it too late when they lose someone or something,” said the president.

The president also commended the US President, Congress and the American people for helping Ukraine. According to Zelensky, in the century we live in, democratic values ​​will prevail and freedom and innovation will be valued more.

According to journalists, after Zelensky finished his speech, the audience burst into applause.

The publication writes that Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels announced to the audience that Zelensky had been awarded an honorary doctorate.

“Your vision, your perseverance, and your unwavering belief in the power of democracy and freedom have been a constant source of inspiration to the people of Ukraine and others around the world who support their cause and ideals,” Daniels said.

Daniels later said that listening to Zelensky at graduation was a unique experience for students “at a time when the stakes for the future of global democracy are very high.”

Recall that on May 25, Zelensky spoke with the Swedish Minister of Defense. The President of Ukraine thanked the head of the Swedish Ministry of Defense for his support. Politicians discussed the peace formula, the aviation coalition, and Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Also on May 24, the President of Ukraine spoke about F-16 warplanes and the country’s air defense. According to the head of state, he held the first meeting of Stavka after all the important visits related to decisions regarding the defense of Ukraine. According to him, the country’s air defense will become full-fledged only with new fighters.

Source: Focus


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