Anorexic model turned into an old woman and died at 35

Photo: © Ynet

Photo: © Ynet

In Tel Aviv, at the age of 36, model Karin Bowman, who had struggled with anorexia for several years, died. The consequences of a serious illness turned the girl into an old woman, and at the time of her death she weighed only 23 kilograms, informs portal Ynet.

It is noted that the girl came from a family famous in the fashion world, and her older sisters were successfully engaged in the modeling business. 17-year-old Karin also wanted to achieve fame in this field, after which she began to conquer the modeling industry. Bowman’s health problems appeared after Karin was told at one of the castings that she needed to lose a few kilograms. The girl went on a diet and could not stop. At the age of 22, she developed a serious eating disorder.

Since then, Bowman has spent most of her time in treatment, with varying degrees of success.

Shortly before her death, the weight of the girl, who looked much older than her years, reached the mark of 24 kilograms. Bowman developed severe pneumonia, after which she was hospitalized and put on a ventilator, but could not be saved.

Previously REN TV reported that scientists found that the likelihood of developing anorexia depends not only on psychological factors, but also on the composition of the human intestinal microflora.

Source: Ren


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